Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Matrix Opti smooth

MATRIX, is part of L'Oreal USA's Professional Products Division.

According to the Matrix website:
Technology makes the difference it's cold-smoothing or heat-straightening, Opti.smooth's unique formulations protect your hair every step of the way.

In Actuality it is the hair stylist who must protect your hair every step of the way! cold-smoothing means relaxing and thats what this product is a relaxer with some conditioning properties. A product that wants to be like the new Liscio product but not as good in my opinion.

We can provide the Matrix opti smooth service. The product actually costs me the salon owner less to buy than the Liscio product, but I like to use the best products on my clients.

If you do want a Matrix opti smooth service ask us; but remember it is just a relaxer don't be fooled by all the marketing and PR spin that Loreal is creating.

This is another funny tidbit from the Matrix website:
Q: Will this service damage my hair?
A: Opti.smooth's patented ceramide technology and auto-stop action protect hair through every step. Conditioning agents leave it soft and smooth. Just maintain your hair at home with the Sleek.look Smoothing System, and you'll be amazed at the condition and shine.

In Actuality any service from highlights to relaxing can damage your hair, as many of you know it is up to your hair stylist to use the products wisely. And if your hair is soft and smooth after the service why would you have to buy an additional product to smooth it out?

Finally notice the dry frizzy ends on the Opti smooth model, this is the same picture from the Matrix website and on the website of many other salons.